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Some ground rules.

These are set and enforced by the neurodifferent.me moderators.

  1. We support self-identification/diagnosis as these are often inaccessible due to cost, biases and other factors. Questioning folks are welcome.
  2. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, queerphobia, able-ism, etc. will be tolerated.
  3. No impersonating other people.
  4. No harassment of any kind.
  5. No shortened links, e.g. bit.ly, t.ly, goo.gl, ift.tt, lnkd.in, is.gd or t.co (These are malicious because link-shorteners track users without their consent and obscure the destination address, which also prevents users from being able to decide whether they want to visit the link beforehand).
  6. No advertisements for cryptocurrencies, NFT's, or multi-level marketing schemes.
  7. We strongly discourage posting un-described images or video on Public privacy setting.
  8. No cross-post only accounts from Twitter, RSS on Public privacy setting.
  9. No serious dishonesty that is hurtful to others.
  10. No promotion or support of treatments which aim to suppress characteristics of individual identity (ABA, Conversion Therapy) is permitted on this server.